Scheduling at Boston Scientific

Madalaine’s office is next to the Collaboratory, Building 100, Wednesdays from 10a-3p.

You can book your appointment below and if you have questions, please email or call/text. Walk in appointments may be available same day – you can still book online, text, or come by the room.

Choose between Relaxation or Pain/Tension Relief and the length of time you want (15-30 minutes). Cost is $20-$40, pay with any card type or cash. Now available: Click here to purchase an e-gift certificate.

What to expect: We will have a brief conversation to go over what you are feeling or needing and Madalaine will customize your session to your needs. Because of the setting, there is not full body Swedish massage available or oil. A tank top layer and/or athletic shorts is be helpful to have, and we can adapt around normal office clothing as needed. Minimal, unscented, lotion is used as needed on neck, arms, etc.

Madalaine has a diverse background of training and works with many medical conditions. If you have chronic pain or other complex medical concerns, please reach out to Madalaine in advance of your appointment and discuss how to best address your needs.