Madalaine’s schedule varies by day with availability for outcalls, corporate wellness, and appointments at the Marlborough Wellness Center (MWC).

Monday: Outcall 10a-8p or MWC after 2pm.
Tuesday: BSci 10a-2p, Outcall or MWC 4-8p.
Wednesday: Outcall 10a-8p or MWC 7a-11a.
Thursday: Outcall 10a-8p or MWC 7a-8p.
Friday: Outcall 10a-8p or MWC 7a-11a, 6-8p.
Saturday & Sunday: Occasionally available for outcall or MWC, 7a-8p.  Please contact Madalaine by phone or email to request a weekend option.

View the daily schedule and make an appointment request online for MWC or outcall:


Travel & Events:

Aug 23-25, Available for appointments in Vermont. Contact Madalaine by phone/text/email to schedule.

Sept 2-4, Teaching at the EquiAthletic Wellness Retreat, Duchess County, NY. Special event with focus on mind-body wellness for the dressage rider.

Sept 17-18, Private barn in Shippensburg PA. Contact Madalaine to schedule for horse/rider bodywork sessions.